Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to a new and exciting school year.


I am privileged to be joining such a wonderfully vibrant and successful school community that is clearly defined in terms of students’ learning and well-being. Having led Independent and International Schools in the UK, The Caribbean, East and West Africa, Hong Kong and Pakistan I am looking forward to bringing my skills and experiences to Abuja and joining a fantastic team dedicated to taking TCIS to the next and highest levels.


TCIS is clearly a school where the desire to learn is infectious and students of all abilities flourish because everyone works hard to create a learning environment where everybody is welcome and diversity is celebrated.


Everything at TCIS is designed to encourage students to take an active role in their learning. Every day is fresh and inspiring and all efforts are geared towards keeping students enthralled, hungry for success and engagement. Simply put, we don’t just teach, we inspire.


TCIS delivers an academically rigorous experience that is enhanced with a robust co-curricular, sports and enrichment programme that stretches the boundaries of our students’ abilities and aspirations.


With exceptional teachers and an outstanding school infrastructure that is underpinned by strong Governance and a supportive and committed parent body – ours is a world-class education.


While the written word will give you a small sense of what a wonderful school TCIS is, of course, it can never convey the whole picture. Therefore, I warmly invite you to visit us and see for yourselves how engaging, confident, balanced and polite our students are. Most especially, I personally look forward to meeting you all. I always operate an ‘open door’ policy as the shared thoughts and reflections of every member of the school community is important.


Here’s to a wonderful year!

Andrew EGAN
Head of School/Principal
T: +234 (0) 805 728 0323
E: [email protected]