Students may be admitted into The Centagon International School upon fulfilling the requirements for enrollment. Application materials and further information may be obtained from the office of the Registrar.

Admission procedure in TCIS

  •   Admitting students from other schools
  •   Admission  Guidelines
  Admitting students from other schools

When students come to us from other schools that use curriculum and assessment different from TCIS, it is imperative that a careful review of records from previous schools be conducted in order to place students in the appropriate grades. The Registrar will provide the initial screening with the Vice-Principal for each division making the final assessment.

The school retains the right to deny admission to any student dismissed from other schools or those who do not meet our admission requirements.

  Admission  Guidelines
  • There will be a review of all available previous school records
  • There must be evidence of the student’s ability to profit from TCIS’s program (admission/placement testing is conducted for all new students)
  • There must be current openings at a given grade level
  • The age requirement for our classes or year group are as follows:

______- Pre-school: 3 years by September

_____ --Pre-Kindergarten: 4 years by September

_____ --Kindergarten (1st Year Elementary): 5 years by September

_____ --Grades 6 (1st Year Junior Secondary): 10+ years by September

______--Grades 9 (1st Year Senior Secondary): 13 years by September

  • In the upper school divisions, placement is generally determined by age and by the last successfully completed grade indicated on school records. Along with age and previous achievement, there must be successful admission/ placement testing
  • In cases of concern, a student may be admitted on a conditional status
  • All classes are generally constructed in a heterogeneous fashion; parental requests for specific teachers and/or classes are not accepted

* Inquiries about admissions should be made to the Registrar.

 Tuition and fees must be paid in advance of each semester before students may enter classes.

 Inquiries about this should be made to the Head of Accounts/Accounts office.

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