Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
The school will normally send home notices, letters, and the school Newsletter through e-mail or with the students. Please be sure to check your child’s bag, or ask the students for school messages, and check your e-mail daily. The school will occasionally send home important notices via SMS, so please check your cell phones. The homeroom teacher will many times communicate with parents through writing in the TCIS assignment book, so please check the assignment book daily.

In case of any academic or behavioral problems with their child at the school, the parent should first and foremost discuss the issue with the teacher involved. After consultation, discussion, and time given for resolution then the parents of a secondary student may wish to discuss the matter with the Secondary Vice Principal; and the parents of grade PK – 5 students may wish to discuss the matter further with the Elementary Principal for a final resolution of a problem.

  • Please see the Registrar in regard to student admission or withdrawal procedures as well as for car stickers and registration.
  • Please see the Head of Accounts/accounts office in regard to fees, payments, and billing.
  • Please see the Head of Administration with any immediate concerns in regard to security, facilities up-keep or cleanliness.
  • Please see the Activities Director in regard to after-school or any special school activities.
The school week runs from Monday through Friday in the following order:
  • The regular school day for Lower Elementary students (PK-5) runs from 07:50 to 14:20 daily with 45 minutes class periods on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • The regular school day for Secondary School students (G6-G11) runs form 07:50 - 15:25 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesdays, all classes end at 13:55.
  • On Fridays, all classes end at 13:20. There is a 15 minutes morning break daily. There is also a daily 40 minute lunch break.
Please note that elementary assemblies are Monday mornings and secondary assemblies are Friday morning from 07:45-08:15. Parents are invited to these assemblies.

Assemblies cover a variety of topics with plays, demonstrations and presentations put on by the students under faculty supervision.

All absences are noted. If a child is to be absent because of illness or any reason, please send a note or call the appropriate division school secretary. Please realize that no more than 10% of the total number of school days can be missed (this works out to be approximately 18 days in one school year). Students may be subject to retention or be recommended for expulsion for excessive absenteeism. In cases of severe illness or other relevant circumstances, the student’s parents may apply for a waiver from the appropriate division principal. The decision to grant a waiver will be considered based on whether the absence will detrimentally affect the student’s ability to successfully return for the school’s programs. Students have one day for each day of excused absence to make up all work missed, and that work is given full credit. Any school work missed during an absence because of suspension must be made up by the student.

Except in the case of long-term projects, no credit will usually be given for this work. Students who miss classes as a result of participation in school sponsored activities are not considered absent for that day or part of the day and must also make up any work missed and will be given credit. For any absence, parents are asked to provide a note in advance, if at all possible. If this is not possible, then a note is to be provided upon the child’s return to the TCIS office that describes the reason for the absence. After an absence, the student is responsible for meeting with their teachers to get their assignments so that they can make up all the work missed.

Families should schedule doctor and other appointments after school hours or when school is not in session. When this is not possible, parents may request that their child be excused from school for several hours. Such a request must be made in writing to the Secondary Vice-Principal for secondary students or the Elementary Principal for Grade PK - 5 students at least one day in advance. For any classes missed as a result of appointments, the student must make up all worked missed. Absences resulting from truancy may result in disciplinary action. Continued truancy will result in a recommendation to the School Board that the student be expelled from school.

Students who must leave school early for a doctor or dental appointments, or for any reason, must have a note brought to the Vice-Principal’s Office for secondary students or the Elementary Principal’s Office for Grade PK - 5 students, to have it approved, and the student must sign out before they will be allowed to depart. Please remember that drivers or caretakers must have the student’s ID to be able to pick up the child.
Each year great care is taken in creating a school calendar to provide the TCIS community periodic holiday breaks for rest and recreation. Personal holidays taken outside those published in the calendar must be done with the full understanding that special assignments will not be prepared to accommodate those absences and that some degree of loss in academic progress is inevitable.

Please be aware that In the case of more than 10% of total school days being missed, this could lead to a student repeating a school year or, in the case of an extreme number of absences from school, to expulsion.

There are telephones in the TCIS offices (VP’s Secretary and Elementary Principal’s secretary) that students may request to use if a message of a serious nature is necessary. We do not allow students to use the phone if they have forgotten homework or materials, or for any social calls.
Students are not allowed to have cell phones at the school as, unfortunately, some students misuse phones during school hours. Additionally, the very nature of the phones’ portability makes them vulnerable to loss and perhaps even theft. Please note that a telephone being used or that rings during class hours will be confiscated by the teacher, turned in to the appropriate division’s Vice-Principal or Elementary Principal, and will then be returned to the parent only. On a repeat offense, the telephone will be confiscated and only returned to the parent at the end of the semester. The school is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of a private cell phone at the school.
Much has been written about this topic. The following factors are generally found to exist in the more effective schools, but not in the less effective schools. These factors are provided as a guide in order to create a positive learning community here at TCIS: Firm Leadership and at the appropriate level, teacher involvement in decision making. School Appearance – orderly, purposeful, comfortable – focus on learning. Rewards and Praise – meaningful recognition and positive reinforcement. Emphasis on Learning – the school consciously and overtly examines all activities and procedures to ensure that that these contribute to the “mission” of the school.

The emphasis on how people learn leads staff into discussions of teaching/learning strategies and related professional development. Student Participation – i.e. student council, extracurricular program. High level of expectations as expressed through teacher behaviors. Teacher behaviors, resulting from their expectations are closely related to student achievement. General attitudes in the school also reflect expectations. School Organization and Teacher Skills. Effective teaching is central to effective schools. Students should be engaged in their learning and have a clear understanding of the school’s expectations.

TCIS has developed a plan to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff while they are on the school campus. The plan is described below. Feel free to contact the school if you have questions. The school administration and selected personnel would put the plans into effect, if needed. A TCIS family phone list has been created at the start of each school year and updated regularly in the event that vital information is to get to parents as quickly as possible. The school has its own Security Guard contingent augmented by local police for additional security. We are also able to call on the local police station for additional assistance.

Fire and emergency drills are held to prepare students to know how to respond appropriately if a genuine emergency should arise. The school has a full time nurse on duty and a school clinic. Some of the teachers are trained in First Aid and can assist the nurse if needed. Important details you should provide to support the school’s efforts: · Provide TCIS with your telephone number. Please ensure that you inform the school with either new or changed numbers. · Provide TCIS with your email address, you must have one, so that you can receive any messages or school-related information via e-mail. Your e-mail can be sent to: [email protected] · Person who can act on your behalf if you cannot be reached. · Comply with Administration requests and the Security Personnel requests at main gates (Please be sure that your driver or care giver are notified of any emergency and of the emergency procedures. Student ID All students are issued a TCIS picture ID. Parents, appointed drivers or caregivers should have the students ID available when picking up Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2 students. All upper Elementary and Secondary students are required to carry their IDs’ at all times.

Students are expected to be on time. If a student arrives to school after 7:50 , the child is considered tardy. Excessive unexcused tardiness may result in a school detention or other disciplinary action deemed appropriate. Students arriving at school tardy must sign in at the reception upon arrival.