Common Classroom Expectations

Common Classroom Expectations
Achieving a common standard of expectations for students is an important goal and linked to the promotion and maintenance of value that our schools must encourage in all students. To further support a school culture of ‘Respect’, a common set of classroom expectations is set out below for students to follow at TCIS.

Classroom Behaviour

    • Have books prepared for lessons
    • Get a drink and go to the toilet during breaks

    • Seated upright
    • Chair pulled into desk

    • Only the equipment you need for that lesson
    • Water bottles under direction of the teacher

    • Seating plan or classroom organization under teacher direction
    • Bookwork neat and complete
    • Listen while teacher is speaking

    • Hands up
    • Teacher nominated
    • Chorus

    • Age appropriate routine – holding hands, in lines, as a group under teacher direction.

Plan Components

The Common Set of Classroom Expectations
  1. Be prepared for lessons by having all the necessary books and equipment
  2. Head up all your written work with a title and date
  3. Rule off each section of work when complete
  4. Keep the classroom neat and tidy at all times
  5. Keep your desk and work-space neat and tidy and free from distractions
  6. Keep your locker neat and tidy at all times
  7. Maintain good posture by sitting upright with your chair pulled into your desk
  8. Listen while the teacher is speaking and speak in sentences when answering questions
  9. Remain seated unless directed by your teacher
  10. Focus on your school work and do your best at all times