Dress Code

Dress Code
Students are required to wear a uniform at TCIS. It is expected that students will ensure that clothing is neat and clean. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in, belts and ties must be on, and proper shoes worn. No hats or scarves are allowed except in PHE. PHE uniforms can only be worn on PHE days in the times indicated. Hats are required for all outside PHE activities.

TCIS Uniform Dress Code

Students are required to follow the uniform dress code of the school. Our uniform requirements are:
Please note: Secondary students are not expected to wear their blazers to school daily; they should be worn to school assemblies, school ceremonies and special events. Hats and scarves are not allowed.

Jewelry: Wrist watches are allowed for all. For girls, only small stud earrings are allowed. Elaborate or expensive items of jewelry must not be worn to school.
Hair: Hair styles must be simple and neat. Hair extensions are not allowed. For girls, hair can be braided/plaited or worn back. For boys, hair must be neatly cut.
Violations of the dress code after parents are directly contacted will result in suspension.