Student Behavioural & Academic Expectations

Student Behavioural & Academic Expectations

The Centagon International School-Wide Behavior Management Plan

The stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administration, support personnel and community) of The Centagon International School (TCIS) work together to create and maintain a safe environment that promotes learning. This supports our school Mission Statement.

Purpose and Rationale

TCIS is committed to, and believes that, a safe and secure environment is essential so that all students can learn. Student behavior impacts student achievement. We are committed, as a school, to model respect for all people and provide instructional opportunities to assist children as they learn to live in a diverse society.

Research Review

Behavior research suggests that achievement is directly affected by student behavior and that fairness and consistency are keys to a successful discipline plan.

Analysis of Student Behavior

TCIS uses assertive discipline. This means that each child is expected to control his/her own behavior. Positive recognition is given to students who make appropriate behavioral choices. A succession of consequences is given for students who do not behave appropriately.

Code of Behavior

TCIS common code for student behavior:

School Rules

The above rules can be summarized into the following list of “Do’s” for students to know, understand and adopt every day at The Centagon International School.