After School Activities

After School Activities

TCIS offers a wide range of after school student activities each semester. A rich collection of activities provides opportunities for students in Prekindergarten through Eleventh Grade to develop leadership skills, build a sense of community, recognize and respect differences, pursue specific interests and have fun. The school offers academic, sporting, recreational and artistic activities ensuring students can discover their potential, explore their interests and develop their sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. The program is comprehensive, offering a variety of interests and abilities, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate and develop fully.

Some activities are offered by the school and are usually with no cost though sometimes special materials or transportation are necessary for the activity and a fee may be charged. There are some activities that are privately run and they may charge specific fees as approved and advertised before sign-up. After school activities begin one to two weeks after the start of each semester. A full listing and schedule of activities will be published and distributed every semester. Below is a list of some of the After School Activities and Clubs at TCIS:

SubjectVocationalSports & Leisure Activities
Art clubViolinBasketball
Common Entrance Exam PrepLEGO Robotics & MachinesBallet
Dance & DramaCommunity ServiceMini Sport
Geographical SocietyTennis
IT ClubCivics & CultureBadminton/Volleyball
JETS (bio,phy, chem) ClubMUNAerobics
Language Arts SupportHealth ClubVolleyball
Math clubStudent Council-Football
Math SupportDrums & GuitarGymnastics
DebateFilm ClubFun & Games
Musical Performance ClubPianoHip Hop/Modern Dance
Reading ClubTaekwondo
Spanish & French ClubChess Club / Board Games
Writing Club
Young Farmers club,

All fee paying activities: Payment should be made at the TCIS Accounts Office upon registration and before attending any sessions. Payment options are per quarter or per semester.

Please note that if it becomes apparent that academic performance at the school is suffering because of a student’s participation, he or she may be required to withdraw from the activity.