It is a guiding principle of education at TCIS that every student should experience success. Considering the wide range of developmental abilities, the needs of individual students are considered at every stage of evaluation and assessment. Please be aware that every effort will be made to provide opportunities for your child to succeed but if the yearly or long term summative academic assessments show that your child is not benefiting or achieving at the appropriate levels at TCIS then a child may be asked to repeat a school year or may be asked to withdraw from the school. Information concerning student progress will occur formally in four ways: Parent / Teacher Conferences Parent Conferences for all students are held approximately at the mid-point of Semester I, one week after the progress reports are sent home. Parents will be informed of their scheduled conference time. Teachers will discuss with parents: the level at which the child is functioning, social adjustment, strengths and weaknesses, and plans to address them. The Conference is a time for parents and teachers to share information. In addition, the teacher, the administration, or the parent may arrange meetings as needed or in special circumstances in regard to student progress or behavior. Reporting to Parents There will be three (3) scheduled Reporting to Parents events during the school year.
  • At the end of Semester I, during the week after exams, parents will be invited in to share in the Student Performance Assessment presentations
  • At the mid-point of Semester II, parents will be invited in to share in the Student Performance Assessment presentations
  • At the end of Semester II, during the week after exams, parents will be invited in to share in the Student Performance Assessment presentations
Mid-Semester Progress Reports At the end of each semester a full report covering the progress and behavior of the students will be given to the parents. The report has
  • Narratives: These are written descriptions that discuss the student’s progress in each subject area and behavior in regard to the TCIS P.R.I.D.E. and Learner Attributes .
  • Grades: These are letter grades that indicate achievement in each particular subject. Grades will be based on scores obtained in continuous assessment and examinations as applicable. (see also section on Grading System, on the next page)
  • In the Elementary School
  • In addition to classwork, homework, participation, projects, summative performance assessment, etc. there will be a minimum be one written test during each unit.
  • Grades 1 – 5 will also be required to write a minimum of one major examination each semester.
  • In the Secondary School
  • All the students will have an organized monthly test as part of the continuous assessment together with one major test at the end of each semester.
External Examinations
  • The school will register the JSS 3 students for the NECO (UBEC) exam, while the Grade 11 students will be registered for the WAEC and the IGCSE examinations.
  • TCIS senior secondary students will be prepared for and take the following foreign exams:
    • PLAN to 9th graders in second semester and PSAT to 10th graders in first semester (these are practice for the ACT and SAT)
  • Encouragement and assistance will be provided for the following foreign exams:
    • ACT & SAT for 10th graders late in second semester and ACT & SAT for 11th graders in first semester