Student/Parent Troubleshooting Guide

Student/Parent Troubleshooting Guide

(Frequently Asked Questions and Where to Find the Answers)

General Problem Area - Peer Behavior

Question: What do I do about this student who calls me names, who bullies me, and generally is making my life miserable?

Answer: Use this procedure: Talk privately with your Homeroom Teacher and /or your parents about the problem. Maybe your desk can be moved or some other action taken. Or you may want to see the Counselor to see if you can get the help you need. Finally, don’t hesitate to see the appropriate division principal. She/he too will do whatever she/he can to help you solve your problem.

General Problem Area - Homework

Question: I seem to be spending a lot of time doing homework. How can I get some relief?

Answer: Talk to your Homeroom or Subject Teacher. He or she may be able to offer some suggestions about how to manage your time better. Maybe a few minutes help from him or her in organizing your work or explaining directions would ease the burden.


General Problem Area — Attendance

Question: What should I do about homework if I’m sick and miss school?

Answer: Have your mom or dad e-mail your teacher or call or come by the appropriate division principal’s office and let us know how you’re doing and how long you’re likely to be absent. We will gather your assignments for you. You can ask us to send them home with a brother, sister or friend or one of your parents can come by the office at the end of each day and pick them up. Of course, if you are seriously ill you may have to wait until your return to school to catch up.


General Problem Area — Early Withdrawal

Question: We just found out that we will be leaving Abuja very soon. What do I need to do about withdrawing from school?

Answer: Have your mom or dad send a note to the Registrar giving the date of your last full day of school. She will inform each of your teachers and administrators. You must pick up a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s office. You will take this form to each of your teachers who will give you a departing grade and verify that all textbooks have been returned. Your parents will also need to get a withdrawal form and clearance (all fees paid and materials returned) from the library, the nurse, the admin/accounts office, and the Registrar.


General Problem Area -After School Activities

Question: I am not really in any activities after school. Can I just hang around and wait for my friends on the football team?

Answer: Students cannot stay after school without a legitimate reason to be here. If you have a school-sponsored activity after school or if you are teacher supervised and authorized by the appropriate division principal / vice-principal, then you can stay at school. If not, you must leave the campus at the end of the day.


General Problem Area - Illness

Question: I think I have a fever and feel rotten. Can I see a nurse?

Answer: Ask your teacher for permission. The nurse will let the office know you visited and what the outcome was. We may give your parents a call to let them know of the visit so they are aware of the problem.


General Problem Area - Phone Calls

Question I have been asked by a friend to spend the afternoon at their house. Can I call home for permission?

Answer: You may use the phone in the TCIS office to make such calls. However, there are times when the office phone is not available so it is better to set up visits beforehand and bring a note from your parents giving you permission to go home with your friends. You cannot leave campus in a different car without a note giving you permission.


General Problem Area - Joining in

Question: I am kind of shy and not so good at sports. What activities are there for me?

Answer: Try joining or starting an after school club or activity. At the start of each semester we announce what clubs are being offered. There are clubs for people interested in art, computers, drama, karate, science, reading, and much more. You or your parents should see the Activities Director for more information.


General Problem area - Visitors

Question: I have a friend visiting from the USA. Can he or she spend some time here at the school?

Answer: We allow visitors to join us at school for a day just to see what it’s like here. Just be sure you or your parents see the appropriate division administrator (Vice- Principal for secondary or Elementary Principal for PK-5), a few days ahead of time, so that your teachers can be informed and your request approved.

These were a few of the questions that might cross your mind while attending the school. The most important thing for you to remember is that all of us at TCIS are here to help. If one of us doesn’t know the answer, chances are we can direct you to the person who does. Please be sure to ask for answers when you are unsure.