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At TCIS, we have an open-door policy and are always willing and available to meet with parents. However, we also expect all parents to connect with us via JUPITER and Google Classroom where they can find out what the child is learning, details of their attendance, homework, scores, and reports

Student taking notes on Google Classroom

Parent and Student on Jupiter

Photo: Parent-Teacher Conference on 2nd March, 2022

2nd March, 2022

Parent-Teacher Conference

Organising effective parent-teacher conferences can boost family involvement in your classroom and help promote positive outcomes for you, your students, and your school.

A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to:

  • Share academic progress and growth based on classroom
  • Observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments
  • Learn from parents or guardians so you can be better informed about students' strengths, needs, behaviours, and learning styles
  • Discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students' learning
  • Discuss issues that may be interfering with students' learning and growth

It is essential that teachers meet with every TCIS parents to discuss their child’s progress for Semester 1. You can still book an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher if you missed a previous appointment. 

4th March, 2022

Grade 10 Cultural Day

The Grade 10 Students of TCIS, Abuja on 4th March, 2022 celebrated our cultural diversity as Nigerians.

Diversity is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, which include race, food, ethnic origin and colour, religion and creed, sexual orientation, age and ability, to name but a few.

As ever evolving creatures in an ever changing world, the innumerable aspects of our humanity - all our ways of being, knowing and moving through the world - are contained in this one concept.


Traditional Dance


Traditional Dance


Traditional Dance


Traditional Food

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