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Our Secondary School provides a platform for our students to showcase their innate talents. We also take utmost care in molding our students as responsible global citizens.

Mr. Jerry Okundaye

Vice Principal/ Head of Secondary

From the VP/Head of

Secondary School’s Desk

On behalf of the faculty and staff at TCIS’ Secondary School, it is with great pleasure I welcome you to our portal! We are a community which encourages staff, students and parents to get involved in all aspects of school life in order to maximize the total development of our children. We strongly believe that the ‘World is a family’ and we strive to ensure that it permeates in everything we do at TCIS. Indeed, we are preparing global citizens. TCIS, as a family, is a melting pot for the international community where learners converge for excellence. At TCIS, we provide our students with every opportunity to always want to come back the next day.

As a School, we have high expectations of our staff and students, and attaining academic excellence is not the only goal. At TCIS, we do not just prepare our students to connect the dots, think out of the box and think beyond patterns, we guide them into the future. As a 21st century organization, we offer a diverse set of programmes to our students that gives them the opportunity to discover themselves and their innate talents and strengths.

The touchstone of all our programmes is the active, interactive and experiential engagement of our students in the learner - centric curriculum that helps them discover their innate capabilities, set life-long goals and proactively work towards their fulfillment. We conscientiously help our students become productive members of an ever-changing global society.

To deliver on these, our programmes rest on truly an international curriculum, choosing from a blending of the best of three worlds – Nigeria, UK and US. The school places premium on excellence. TCIS is well-equipped with state of the art infrastructure and a dedicated team of teaching faculty along with vibrant administrative staff.

As we look forward to working together to create a supportive, cooperative and positive environment that establishes a safe and caring place for teaching and learning, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, staff, and supportive parent community. We are happy to have you with us!

Secondary School Curriculum

1. English 2. Mathematics 3. Biology 4. Chemistry

5. French 6. IRS 7. CRS 8. Business Studies

9. Physics, Basic Science & Technology:

  • Basic Science
  • Basic Technology
  • Computer Science
  • PHE

10. Pre Vocational Studies:

  • Agric Science
  • Home Economics

11. National Values Education:

  • Civics Education
  • Social Studies

12. Cultural Creative Arts:

  • Fine Arts
  • Music

12. Nigerian Languages

  • Igbo
  • Hausa
  • Yoruba

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