TCIS Student Behaviour

The Centagon International School-Wide Behaviour Management Plan

The stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administration, support personnel, and community) of The Centagon International School (TCIS) work together to create and maintain a safe environment that promotes learning. This supports our school Mission Statement.

Beliefs and Value Statement on Behaviour

Beliefs and Value Statements on Student Behaviour

• All children can exhibit/demonstrate appropriate behaviour

• Children do best with positive reinforcement

• School should be a safe and secure environment for all

• Parents should be actively responsible and accountable for their children's education through support and involvement in the school community

• There is a positive relationship between learning and school attendance

Purpose and Rationale

TCIS is committed to, and believes that, a safe and secure environment is essential so that all students can learn. Student behavior impacts student achievement. We are committed, as a school, to model respect for all people and provide instructional opportunities to assist children as they learn to live in a diverse society.

Research Review

Behaviour research suggests that achievement is directly affected by student behaviour and that fairness and consistency are keys to a successful discipline plan.

School-Wide Rules

School-Wide Rules

• Be respectful to others - Are my actions showing respect toward others and my surroundings? (i.e. using appropriate language.)

• Be safe in all situations - Are my actions keeping myself and others safe? (i.e. keeping hands and feet to myself, not running.)

• Be courteous - Are my actions helping to make others feel welcome and accepted? (i.e. treating others as I would like to be treated.)

• Be honest - Are my actions representing the truth? (i.e. not stealing or cheating.)

Analysis of Student Behaviour

TCIS uses assertive discipline. This means that each child is expected to control his/her own behaviour. Positive recognition is given to students who make appropriate behavioural choices. A succession of consequences is given for students who do not behave appropriately.

Plan Components

Plan Components

The following components are included in the School-Wide Behaviour Management Plan for TCIS:

  • Students are taught the behaviour plan at the beginning of the school year and it is emphasized continually
  • Parents are informed in writing, in the Parent-Student Handbook, of the school-wide behavior plan components
  • All employees are involved in modeling and upholding the school-wide plan
  • Teachers use the school-wide plan as a foundation for creating, implementing and posting their classroom discipline plans
  • Teaching strategies are incorporated that relate to social skills
  • Rewards and consequences are consistent and fair school-wide, as well as in the classroom
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly incentives and recognition are given for appropriate student behaviour
  • Teachers submit an office referral form when students are sent to the office for a discipline offense
  • Continuous monitoring of student attendance, tardies, office referrals, suspensions, grades, and climate surveys

Code of Behaviour

TCIS common code for student behaviour:“Respect for self, others, and environment through care, courtesy, and cooperation”.

School Rules

Respect for Self

  • Wear the correct school uniform
  • Believe in yourself enough:
  1. not bow to peer pressure
  2. not be involved in anything that is illegal
  3. not be involved in anything that goes against school rules
  4. not be involved in anything that goes against your morals and values
  • Ensure you are ready to learn by bringing the right equipment to class, including, pens etc., exercise books, text books and calculator

Respect for Others

We all have a right to feel safe and be part of this school. This includes the right to work in a clean, safe environment - please respect others' right to this.

Respect for the Environment

  • Litter - please use rubbish bins provided to ensure that your school is a safe and clean place for all. You may be asked to help clean up the school grounds
  • Grounds, Facilities and Equipment - respect for the grounds, school facilities and equipment to ensure safe use and to protect from damage is required of all
  • Vandalism - never purposely damage or deface property or equipment. Students who vandalize will be expected to pay for the repairs and/or replacement
  • Classrooms - there is an expectation that all students will look after the classroom that they are in and ensure that it is tidy before they leave, including removing rubbish from floors and at the end of the day putting up chairs and closing windows. This is your work environment - please respect it

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