Health & Safety

TCIS is a school where everyone can undertake their roles and responsibilities and fulfil their potential free from work related or education related injury or ill health; this includes all school staff, pupils and others who may be affected by our work activities.

Policy Objectives:

  • ·to conduct all our activities safely and in compliance with best practice and legislative standards
  • to provide safe working and learning conditions
  • to ensure a systematic approach to the identification of risks and the allocation of resources to control them
  • to be a school that promotes a positive health and safety culture that is demonstrated by open communication and a shared commitment to the importance of health, safety and welfare
  • to promote the principles of sensible risk management which enables innovation and learning

 Policy Statement

TCIS recognises and accepts its responsibility as an employer and provider of services and will provide a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for all staff, pupils and such other persons as may be affected by its activities.

TCIS will adopt health and safety arrangements in line with best practice and will strive to meet and adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation and procedures.

Good health and safety management will be an integral part of the way that the school operates and will be considered across all work activities and across the wide range of educational activities delivered.

TCIS will ensure that we have access to competent technical advice on health and safety matters to assist us in meeting our objectives.

The school will:

  • ·Seek to ensure that its buildings, grounds, plant and equipment meet appropriate health and safety standards
  • Promote health and safety training to ensure competence and awareness
  • Develop and communicate information on sensible risk management and safe working practices
  • Require all employees and encourage and support all pupils to show a proper personal concern for their own safety, for that of the people around them through management example, through joint consultation, within the delivery of the curriculum and through pastoral care
  • Require staff to exercise due care and attention, and observe safe working methods, including those inherent in their professional craft or training
  • TCIS will adopt a planned risk-based approach to health and safety management based on the principles of sensible risk management.

This will involve:

  • Assessment of hazards and associated risks
  • Identification and implementation of preventive and protective control measures against those risks to an acceptable/ tolerable level
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of those measures including the enforcement of proper working practices by the senior leadership team and other supervising staff members and the review of incident statistics
  • Including health and safety requirements/responsibilities into contract conditions which will be enforced by the TCIS Board, senior leadership team and other supervising staff members
  • Provision of information, instruction, training and protective equipment to staff (and pupils where required)
  • Review of risk assessments, policies, procedures and practices at regular interval and where additional information is gained through monitoring or following an incident

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